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Monthly Archives: July 2022

“Unpacking Solutions literally saved my life! I had to suddenly move by myself out
of a huge home into a much smaller space. Jenny and Heather meticulously
orchestrated the whole move – sorting and packing and then unpacking 30 years
of belongings which seemed an overwhelming, even impossible task
With incredible positive energy, they professionally organIzed two other very challenging moves to even smaller places in the last 10 years.

Jenny and Heather were always there when I needed them; they knew just what
to say at the right time. Unpacking Solutions is a unique business with unparalleled customer service and
amazing connection to its clients. We are bonded for life.

I am a professional with high standards and their work exceeded any possible expectation. They removed the stress and made moving fun. if that is possible!

When I move again, they will be the first people I call!
If you are even thinking of moving, give Unpacking Solutions a call right away.”