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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long does it take to unpack or pack a closet, kitchen, bedroom, or any other rooms in my house?

Each room takes a various amount of time. The kitchen takes the longest. I can estimate pretty well how long it takes to unpack a room, but the square footage of the rooms is a factor for the length of hours and amount of workers we will need to efficiently work on a room. Also, having a place to put back your items is important.

  • Kitchen- 3-6 hours
  • Bedrooms- 1-3 hours
  • Master bedroom- 2-4 hours
  • Small general closets- 1-2 hours
  • Linen closet- 2-4 hours
  • Basements- 2-5 hours
  • Office- 1-3 hours

What items should I pack or carry with me?

We always recommend packing some clothing and toiletries for a few days so if anything happens during the move, you are prepared. Otherwise, we recommend keeping valuable jewelry, personal papers and documents (such as wills, birth certificates, passports, etc…), checkbooks, and extra credit cards. If you’d have it in a safe then it should stay with you!

What items in my home cannot be moved by movers?

Nowadays movers can move almost anything, but there are a few things they still will not be able to move for you. Now, I recommend you always double-check with your specific mover. But usually matches, fire extinguishers, anything flammable, real plants, and near-real plants (fake).


If I am remodeling or redesigning my kitchen. What
should I be thinking about it?

Always make sure your cabinets fit your everyday china (in width) or others pieces you use frequently. Some people have oversize plates so it is important to make sure this is not overlooked. Make sure you have a spice drawer, a cabinet for the KitchenAid mixer, and a cabinet for your cutting boards, trays, cookie sheets. And, you can never have enough drawers!!! Finally, a cabinet that holds your overside items and large appliances.

Getting ready to sell, rent, and/or have an open house?

If you have the time it is best to prepare 1-3 months in advance. The more time, the greater prepared you will be for your move. Generally, it is best to have four categories: Keep, donate, trash, and storage. Areas to work on are clothing, books, office, files, household items, collectibles, and toys. Sometimes it is helpful to include stagers and interior designers.